Botanical route and ointments

Botanical Route and Natural Ointment Making Workshop

Embark on an exciting adventure through nature in our Botanical Route, where you will discover the wonderful world of medicinal plants and herbs. Learn how to identify and carefully collect herbs that we will use to create a natural and beneficial ointment for the skin.

The activity includes:

Botanical Route:

Accompanied by botanical experts, the route in the vicinity of Santillana de Mar, runs through places where we will explore the vegetation that will surprise us at every step with orchids and alpine plants.
It is a circular route of about 4 km and 100 m of slope, where the guide will be discovering the different species of trees and plants, telling us a lot of interesting things from their ancestral uses to their medicinal properties.

Eco Picnic:

At the highest point of the route and with incredible views of the Sea of Santillana and all of Cantabria, we will enjoy a picnic based on local and organic products.

Ointment Making Workshop:

In our practical workshop, we will learn how to prepare a natural ointment using the herbs we have collected. We will discover the secrets of making effective ointments for skin care.

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Benefits Highlights

– Connection with nature: Discover the beauty of plants and their usefulness in health and wellness.
– Learn practical skills: Gain knowledge about preparing natural salves and how to apply them for skin care.
– Customized products: Create your own personalized salve with herbs you have collected.

Join us on this exciting Botanical Trail and Ointment Making Workshop!

Experience the magic of nature and take home a natural salve that you have created yourself.


– Specialist Forestry Engineer Guide
– Local Eco Picnic
– Loan of a basket to collect herbs and plants
– Preparation of ointment
– Loan of pocket microscope and keys
– RC and accident insurance

Necessary materials:

– Comfortable walking clothes and footwear preferably waterproof.
– Cap and sun protection
– Camera
– Notebook and pencil to take notes

This event offers an educational and hands-on experience that combines the exploration of nature with the making of natural products, making it attractive to those interested in botany, herbology and natural cosmetics.

The Shinrin Yoku retreat was a life-changing experience. I felt revitalized and in harmony with nature. thank you!

Ana M.

Shirin Yohu Yoga retreat

I have hiked many times in this forest and I thought I knew it, but I had never felt nature as in this activity, it is a feeling of immersing yourself in a pool that instead of water there is wellness and peace. 

Rafa J.